Upper Apex

Upper Apex is a log building located in the Apex recreation area. It is located on the southwest side of Beaconsfield Mountain. It is ideally suited for winter activities such as cross-country and down hill skiing and snow shoeing. It can be reached by proceeding uphill from the old Apex ski lodge or by chairlift in the main ski area. The facility is a large log building, no running water (bring your own) heated by wood stove, (wood provided), wood stove for cooking, lantern lighting (bring your own lantern) outdoor toilet. The building accommodates approximately 20 people. There is a chain across the road to this cabin. To get a key or information about this stop at the garage in the resort area and they will either lend you a key or tell you an alternate way to get to the cabin.


bulletRustic Cabin
bulletSnow shoe or ski in